About Us

Hey beautiful souls, this is the face behind your favorite activewear brand, Mikenia! 🌞

As a creator, a seeker, a giver, and an unshakeable believer in the power of positive energy, my journey is as vibrant and multifaceted as the variety of leggings and sports bras that define our Mikenia collection.

There’s something magnetic about bringing people together, creating an extraordinary universe of empowerment and support. This fuels Mikenia and all that we stand for – confidence, self-love, and an unyielding spirit to conquer any challenge that comes our way.

I’ve been shaping the contours of the fashion industry for 18 radiant years and after stepping into the exhilarating yet challenging world of being a mom myself, my passion for fashion found a synergy with my love for health and fitness.

I still remember the emotions flooding my heart as I struggled to find my pace in the hustle and bustle of motherhood. Somehow, the allure of a gym seemed distant, almost unattainable. But you know what kept me going? Slipping into my sexy gym wear. As superficial as it might sound, it sparked a flame inside me, a blazing confidence that made me feel unstoppable. I was a badass, and there was no stopping me!

It was during these empowering moments that Mikenia was born. My mission? To gift every woman that same euphoric feeling of invincibility. I know there are moms out there, grappling with postpartum, unsure of how to reclaim their groove, and I created Mikenia for YOU! For every woman who’s ever doubted herself, for every goddess who’s forgotten how incredible she is, Mikenia is here to remind you of your power.

Because it’s not just about looking sexy; it’s about feeling it deep in your core. It’s about standing in front of the mirror and seeing a woman who’s strong, confident, and absolutely stunning. It’s about celebrating YOU.

We’ve woven empowerment into our fabrics, sewn confidence into our cuts, and tailored resilience into every design. Because that’s what Mikenia is – a testament to your strength, a homage to your journey, and a partner in every challenge you decide to conquer. 💪

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